Monday, 29 November 2010

The journey of Advent

Todays Gospel (Mt 8:5-11) tells the story of the centurion who comes up to Jesus and asks him to heal his servant. This is a remarkable passage from different points of few.

The centurion is not a Jew, but shows great love by making the effort to go up to Jesus and ask for healing of his servant. He also shows great faith in Jesus, and does not need to Jesus to do something, but just to 'will' (λογος) the servant to be healed.

For me personally, it makes me think of my attitude towards Jesus. Am I, generalising, in the camp of the centurion or in the camp of the Jews. The centurion trusts in Jesus unconditional the Jews demands signs all the time and were fairly skeptical about Jesus.

For me, during this time of Advent, it seems good reflect on this question. On the mystery of God and how he is present in my life. The reality of God is something, while firmly believing in it, something which can become very abstract and distant, till almost the point of contradiction...

This seems a good time to try and make reality more real again. Jesus help us to find you, that we might realise how close you really are to us!

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