Thursday, 2 December 2010

Build your house on rock

Yesterday I just mentioned to somebody that the rock which seems so solid, and which I might have used for a bit of foundation, might turn out not to be that solid after all. It is interesting how scripture can link in sometimes with our day to day experience... It shows that the Word of God is indeed alive.

The Gospel reading today talks about building your house on rock, and not on sand. Jesus is the rock, and it is important to realise this. It is only God on who we ultimately can trust. He is always reliable, always there for us. Any other foundation will sooner or later give way, but God is the ultimate goal of our lives.

The wise man hears the Word of the Lord and keeps it (literally 'does it'). While we hear the Word it should touch our hearts, and it should make it's home there. There is a transforming power in them which, if we allow it, can completely change our lives. The first line of the Gospel (Mt 7:21) tells us that our faith is not about lip service. Just saying "Lord Lord" won't get anybody into Heaven.

Knowing Jesus should makes a real difference, and knowing Him puts the foundations of our lives on rock. Any other foundation will eventually prove to probably not be as solid as we might hope, but Jesus never disappoints.

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