Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Encountering God

Today's Gospel continues with the topic of expectation; who do we expect Jesus to be. This time it is the passage from the Gospel of Luke (7:18-23) in which John, imprisoned, sent some of his disciples to Jesus to ask if He is the one to come.

Jesus answered John's disciples to experience what is happening and quotes Isaiah, showing the works He does to confirm and support His authority.

Again it would seem that it was very clear to John that Jesus was the one. John at this point almost gave his life for the Gospel message. Still when imprisoned, when it comes down to the daily difficulties of life, it does not always seem so clear.

Sometimes God's presence in our live can become clouded. We are not sure what to expect anymore. But that is why it is important to continually return to God, I guess in a way as John did. Knowing that Jesus exist on itself is one thing, but the encounter in our heart is another. Just an outward acceptance of this reality is only a tip of the fulness of reality which is offered by God to us by a true inner conversion and communion with God.

And as the disciples of John experienced the Jesus and could bring this back to John, so all of us are called to bring the light we receive to others we meet in our daily life.

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