Tuesday, 7 December 2010

God is searching

Todays Gospel (Mt 18:12-14) is about the hundred sheep of which one gets lost. We have heard the voice calling in the wilderness in the last few days. God is calling his people, and we know it in our hearts. Something deep down in our human nature corresponds and responds to the call. The Pope writes in his new book "light of the world" that each human being has a desire for infinite love.

There has been a lot of reflection also on healing, and on forgiveness. God is calling his people back to him, and is the father who is looking out every day to see the appearance of the prodigal son on the horizon.

But God is so in love with each one of us, so determined not to let anybody go, that he doesn't stop by passively calling his sheep back, but even risks the 99 in order to go after the one... And this one is you and this one is me. Each one of us is that important to God...

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