Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hardness if heart

Jesus is challenging the scribes and Pharisees, challenging their hardness of heart. Yesterday we heard that they didn't dare, or wanted, to speak the truth because of the crowd, now Jesus picks them up on the issue again.

It is as if Jesus is saying that for them too it is clear that John the Baptist was a prophet, and I guess at this stage in Jesus His life it is clear enough about Himself as well. They however do not change their mind, they do not repent from their ways, do not change their hardness of heart.

Once it becomes clear that one might be wrong, it is important to embrace the truth. Not doing so can often be the result of either selfishness or pride, and both of them are contrary to the life of love God is calling us to.

Love engages and is open, it always seeks the goodness of the other. Today is the feast-day of St. John of the Cross, who wrote such beautiful poetry about the lover seeking the beloved...

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