Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Immaculate Conception

Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Gospel passage is taken from the Gospel of Luke (1:26-36), the passage about the annunciation.

So far this advent I have reflected of the calling of God to come to Him, to prepare the way of the Lord. Today's reading is off-course the calling of callings in a way. Mary is asked to become the mother of God.

I think reflecting on this passage is amazing, and there is one aspect that I would like to bring forward. In regards to the apparent absence of God screaming voice in our lives it is easy to just think 'it was all easier then'. It was easier for the apostles as they saw Jesus and there was an angel who appeared to Mary... God seemed to be screaming to them, but is silent to me...

But it isn't that easy. We know how much the apostles struggled to follow Jesus, and how they all failed at some time. Coming back to Mary, she was initially 'greatly troubled' when the Angel appeared.

Mary is often portrayed as praying while the angel Gabriel appeared. We can leave in the middle how Gods messenger appeared, the important thing is that we can model our life on Mary in being completely orientated towards God.

Once more, we need to create the space in our heart, make some space for God, so we can hear His loving wisper and distinguish it from the noise around us. Like with Mary, sometimes the voice seems to suggest something unbelievable, something hard to grasp, but when we accept it it is also something too beautiful for words.

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