Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Jesus feeds the multitude

The Gospel today comes from Matthew 15:29-37. Jesus goes up a mountain and sits down. Presumably he sits down to teach, as sitting down is a sign of authority, like Pilate who sits down on the judgement seat when condemning Jesus to death.

We read in this passage however that they bring all the sick to Jesus, and that he heals them. This too I suppose shows authority of God over creation, that God can heal ailments others cannot.

But what are the crowed amazed with? Is it that Jesus can heal the sick, or is it that they encounter God close to them. When St. Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus it was with the message "we have found the Messiah" and presumably the brothers were called soon after to give everything up and follow Jesus.

It seems that Peter and Andrew followed Jesus exactly because they found God, but did the crowd? Leaving the question unanswered I would just like to ask the question to myself? Do I follow God for who he is, or because he is 'useful'? Does knowing God fill my soul's desire or my belly? Is it the real encounter or is God just a convenient helper? Something to pounder...

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