Thursday, 9 December 2010

John the Baptist

In today's Gospel (Mt 11:11-15) Jesus is telling us that John the Baptist is the greatest of all born among woman. I find it an interesting passage, especially after reflecting yesterday on the Immaculate Conception, and the Gospel Passage of the Annunciation.

Some might quote exactly this passage against this teaching of the Church, as surely somebody Immaculately conceived is born of a woman and greater than John the Baptist. But if that statement is made about Mary, then it can also be said of the case of Jesus, and it doesn't single her out.

So where does this passage fit in? Well Jesus does say that John is the greatest among those born of woman. As sin came into the world through Eve, all born of woman could mean all fallen men. Whereas Jesus and Mary were both without sin and as such part of the kingdom of heaven. This too would count for the Saints who have gone straight to Heaven after the Resurrection.

It invites us again to get closer too God, too keep our eyes fixed on Him, that we too will be counter as those in the Kingdom when the time comes.

Anyway, this was a bit more a theological reflection this morning...

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