Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival (4th December 2010)

The students here in St. Saviour's had our Advent Day of recollection yesterday and went down to Dalgan Park for the day. It was a lovely day, with some good spiritual input, and some precious time to walk around int he snow and have a conversation with God. But as a result, I haven't been able to write a reflection on this Sunday's Gospel yet, but will try this afternoon.

I continued to write a few lines on the Gospel reading every day, which found under:

There are also a few video's like to bring to you attention: We did a recording of the Rorate Ceali, which is very nice to meditate on. Also, the series 'The Reason for the Season', in which we this time explain some aspects of Advent is off course still very prominent. 

As usual I also point to the website 'Dominicans Interactive' of the Irish Dominicans, dedicated to preaching using the internet. This website includes currently a weekly reflection on the Gospel, brief reflections on the Dominican Saints on their Feast days and any actualities.

Also have a look at our other video's, we are on iTunes as well with Podcasts

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Joann said...

"The Reason for the Season" put everything in perspective. While we feel we need to rush around and get things done, the Advent season says, "Wait!"


The Irish Dominicans have a website called Dominicans Interactive with online resources. We also have an iPhone/iPad App, which can be found in the iTunes App Store.


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