Monday, 13 December 2010

What do we seek?

Yesterday's question still resounds: "what do you seek". Today the people in authority ask where Jesus gets His authority to teach from. The answer Jesus gives at the end of the passage is always a bit of a mystery for me, and maybe somebody can enlighten me. Jesus says that neither will He tell them where he get the authority to do what He does.

It seems clear that Jesus has authority. It is mentioned in other places in the scripture that He teaches with authority, not like the Pharisees and the Scribes, and His works of healing are a support to His claims.

So why the question? I guess Jesus' message makes people uncomfortable, and He is a threat to the established system. And so is the Cristian message a threat to the way people live nowadays. It is a challenge to try and live a better, fuller live, and in doing so asks us to change.

While the change can be difficult, it is really in fully accepting Jesus that we find joy. Along the path to the narrow gate we might doubt if we are going the right direction, as did John the Baptist. But it is noticeable that slowly there start to build in us a relationship with God which will opens up depths of meaning we never believed existed.

It takes time, but only letting go of our banal ways of live and raising our eyes up to Jesus will make us realise our full potential as humans, and only this will bring us the fullness of joy.

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