Friday, 10 December 2010

What is this generation like?

In the Gospel (Mt 11:16-19) Jesus is looking at the people around Him and tells them what the generation is like. It is a generation hard to please, as He points out. And this is a theme which recurs many times in the Gospel.

But it is not something only in the far past. Our own generation, and myself, are like that. There seems to be an innate rebellion which does not like to accept authority and tries to find all kinds of excuses in order not to have to submit to it.

But this shows a complete wrong understanding of God and His Church. The Church does not teach rules and regulations in order to limit our own freedom. Instead, it helps us to see how we can be free from slavery to sin, and are free to do good. She helps us to find the real freedom which is found in love, and God is love.

But I think the only way to realise this is to stop rebelling and actually listen to what God really has to say The voice of God is not some loud commanding voice telling us what to do, but a soft and gentle loving wisper.

So again, there is an invitation during this time of Advent to reflect on what God is asking us to do, and to try and listen to Him in the silence of our hearts.

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