Sunday, 4 September 2011

My religious vocation... (3)

There is not that much time left for number three of my reflections on my vocation. The time until all method of communication will go in retreat mode is coming very close... suspended for the week!

My intention was to elaborate a small bit on the day-by-day living out of my vocation. There seems to be two aspects of our relationship with God. The one is the supernatural, the great encounter and the deep communion which I have tried to describe in my previous posts. Closeness to God can be seen as a deep grounding, a feeling of belonging, of something being 'right' which settles deep down in our soul. This disposition is not something which easily changes, even if things are not always going the way we like them.
Whatever way of life we choose, whatever path we walk on, there is always the cross and the need for sacrifice. We need to get closer to Jesus, to become more like Him, and this means imitating him, also imitating Him in taking up His cross and climbing up mount calvary.

However, this is not a burden as it is often seen, but instead something that liberates us, which sets us free. I don't think I have the time now to elaborate on this point, but I guess I wanted to just make a note that it is very easy to get discouraged, to zoom into the little day-to-day difficulties of life while losing sight of the greater plan God has in mind for us!

Following God is not experiencing some nice feeling which will permanently change our lives. God often prompts us, sometimes through little experiences, sometimes in order ways, but this is generally not the way in which God maintains a relationship with us. Instead the day-to-day experience of our closeness with God can be very dry, very mundane. Most of the time we cannot discern at all what God is asking of us...

But at other times it seems things are happening, that God is near, and it are these times of Grace when God is luring us in, inviting us and strengthens us in faith and give us food for the journey to come....

I don't know if that makes sense (and in that maybe stick to no. 1 and no. 2).
What I have tried to express is the reality of God, the reality of Him being close too all of us. This is something phenomenal, something exciting! God's call to each one of us is very different, and manifests itself in very different ways to each individual. But God is calling each and every one of us, inviting us to follow the plan He has made for us, and the plan which will make us truly happy! This happiness however is not an happiness which we often associate with a joyful experience, but a much deeper disposition. It means that there is always some suffering on the way, but this helps us to be purified and to demonstrate our trust in Him who only wants the best for us!

It is time to shut-down the computer... till next week!

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ThereseRita said...

very beautiful & true reflection Bro Luuk. God bless you during your retreat!!


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