Saturday, 8 October 2011

God has a banquet prepared for us!

This weeks gospel speaks about a king who is calling his guests to the wedding feast of his son. However, when he sent his servant to gather the invited guests to join in the feast, they do not come. Even after sending more servants they refused to come, and even maltreated them and killed them.

When reading this Gospel I initially felt the tendency to dwell on the historical aspect. It is possible to see how God sending messages to Israel in order that they might repent and come back to Him. However, they often did not listen to the prophets God sent, and even killed some of them. And while this historical aspect can help us somewhat in our reflection on the passage of scripture, it does not directly connect with my own daily life, making it a remote story instead of a changing reality.
But therefore I looked a bit deeper at the parable. Taking the king in todays Gospel as God, it is clear that God has prepared a banquet for us, for me, and He is calling me to come and join Him. God has everything we could desire prepared and ready, ready for to be enjoyed. However, as in the parable, while God is inviting us to come, we are very slow to react, if we react at all. 

This is a mystery to me... Why do so many people not react, why do they not accept God's invitation? It is a question which has been with me all the time since I have discovered the truth about God's existence. While I was growing up I never heard anything of the benevolence of God's gifts. Whatever little information about Christianity I heard was generally historical and far removed from reality. What I certainly didn't hear is that God wants me to give my hearts desire now

How is it that we as a society have lost the truth of the reality of God, and His closeness to us. It seems to be the predominant view of most people nowadays, Christian or not, that God is at a distance, far away, and that there is no real direct communion or relationship with God. However, as the parable shows, God wants to be in communion with us now, and only our acceptance or rejection of His gifts stand between us being separated or together with Him.

What also seems significant to me in reading the parable is that the king is sending messengers, his servants, to proclaim the message.  God is making himself known to us in all kinds of ways, and while God might not work that many supernatural miracles in front of us in our societies, He still does work miracles, and He certainly sends us messengers. There are many people around who try to point the way towards God, but for some reason they seem to be ignored or silenced. It just struck me t maybe things have not changed that much after all between the time Jesus walked on the earth and now. So maybe my the gab that I felt in the distance between myself and the parable and my own experience has closed...

So I think the parable offers us some very interesting concepts to ponder upon. 
God has His arms wide open, ready to receive us! It is very easy just to ignore and pass by... but truly, when we do engage with God, it will bring us true happiness!

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kkollwitz said...

"Why do so many people not react, why do they not accept God's invitation?"

Like the guest who wasn't properly dressed, many do accept the invitation, but on their own terms, not God's terms.


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