Sunday, 2 October 2011

Jesus prophesies His own death

Just a little note on todays Gospel. It seems quite clear that Jesus in the parable of the Vineyard is aiming at the religious leaders at the time. The servants were mistreated and killed, as were the prophets, and finally the son was killed, representing Jesus...
However it struck me that while Jesus is clearly indicating what His own destiny is, this might not have been as clear to the hearers at the time. It is sometimes very easy for us to take certain fact for granted, facts which weren't a fact at the time yet. Because we now know Jesus was going to be crucified, it is obvious that the son represents Jesus. Therefore it is very easy to overlook the significance of all the prophecies that were made by Jesus and the prophets we find in the Old Testament, taking out or forgetting about the supernatural aspect of what really happened, and rendering it a normal story. 

It really made a deep impression on me how incredible the whole story of Jesus is. How the reality of the events we read of in the Bible are indeed mind blowing. God knew exactly what was going to happen, and Jesus told His disciples beforehand so they would belief afterwards. Therefore we should realize that that is what happened, that Jesus made all those prophesies before they happened, indicating that indeed He is God!

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