Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival (27th November 2011)

I only wrote a few lines on the start of Advent this week, trying to get the balance between work, study and prayer, where it will be obvious from reading the reflection that I am tipping a bit over towards the first two at the moment:

But while my reflection is a bit short and rushed, I would like to point to some other resources we have been working on. On our website 'Dominicans Interactive' we have started an audio series, currently with readings and reflection pertaining to Advent. We will post an audio podcast twice a week!

You can listen to the podcast on the website, of course, but also in the next day or two by subscribing to our iTunes Podcast or using the Dominican iDoms Reader App:

The iDoms Reader can be
downloaded from the App StoreSM

There is also ussually a Gospel reflection on our website 'Dominicans Interactive'!

Also have a look at our other video's, we are on iTunes as well with Podcasts

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Advent has come... already!

The old has gone, the new has come... another liturgical year has once more finished: time really flies. It was only a realisation which slowly seeped into my conscious since we celebrated first Vespers of Advent yesterday. I can remember last year that I already anticipated the comping, of advent, my reflection of the week before looking towards the year that was finishing up, the reflection of Advent to what is ahead.

Si in the last week you might have reflected on the last year, and especially what has happened in our lives over the last year. You might have, I didn't... as mentioned above, advent kind of 'sprung' on me, maybe a reflection on how well I am tuned into the more 'spiritual side' of life at the moment.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Good and faithful servant, come and join in your Masters happiness!

The Gospel this week is from Matthew 25:14-30. It is the parable of the the man who goes abroad for a long time, and entrusts his servants with some of his resources. According to their ability he gives three servants five, two and one talent respectively. The first servant, with five talents used his talent (it is actually nice in English that the name for the coin talent is the same as talent in the sense of ability), and earns another five and similar for the second servant who received two talents and doubles his amount. But the third servant does not use the talent that was given, and instead hides it until the return of his Master.

There are a few things that struck me while meditating on this passage. First of all, it seems that we should not take the parable literal. This will result in some kind of confusion, at least on my part, as the dealing of the Master with the third servant does not seem fair at all if the reading is taken at face value.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Discussion on WYD - 2011

This is a recording of a discussion in which the students of the Irish Dominicans had to look back on World Youth Day in Madrid last August.


The Irish Dominicans have a website called Dominicans Interactive with online resources. We also have an iPhone/iPad App, which can be found in the iTunes App Store.


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