Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lent has started... yesterday...

Well Lent has arrived... and therefore I decided that it is time again to try and revive my blog a bit. I guess the fact that I started a day late might not be a good indication of the result of my intent, but I do hope to be able to share some brief thoughts a few times a week. A lot has happened since my series of reflections on my vocation, which I wrote late in August before my solemn profession. Since I have continued with the study if Theology, but I have also invested quite a bit, possibly quite a bit too much, energy in looking at different ways of spreading the Gospel using the modern media. The fruit, although not visible yet, is among other things a new App which will hopefully be launch in the next week, replacing the iDoms Reader which was the original experiment. But this in itself is not what is important. More and more I realise the paradox in doing this type of work. On the one hand it seems important to find new ways to interact with people, using video and other modern ways of communication, but on the other hand it seems by doing so I am not deepening my relationship with the Lord as much as I should and as I want. Even though the time spend in prayer might not have differed significantly over the last few years, the quality of prayer seems diminished when ones mind is somewhat distracted by complicated data structures needed to create an iPhone App. I met a small group of fellow Dutch country men at the beginning of the week, and it really brought it back to me once more. We had some very enjoyable talks together, and I realised that my primary aim in life is to be able to spread the Good News and share it with others. But important in this that this sharing does need some direct contact, personal contact cannot be replaced with any type of technology. So I think for me personally, this Lent needs to be a time to reflect once more on the best ways to use the technology we have to bring people into an encounter with God. By necessity, this encounter needs to be personal... So the question is how to use the tools available to us in a way that will bring the people who are away from God (back) towards the joy which it is to know Him.

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