Friday, 2 March 2012

40 hours of prayer...

I ended up going quite unexpected to our priory in Cork this weekend, and when arriving here I learned that they have '40 hours' of adoration... This promises to become a pleasant weekend!

While the forty hour, so I presume, is linked to the 40 year in the desert of the Israelites and the 40 days in the desert of Jesus, and as such very appropriate during lent, I think it is also nice as it is the weekend in which we read the Gospel account of the Transfiguration, the revelation of Jesus in Gory on the mountain. As the picture shows, it is almost an experience the same down here...

(and off course, any readers of this post who are in Cork, come along and drop in... there is no real excuse, it goes on until Sunday 11am so there must be a chance to make a few minutes time!)

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