Sunday, 25 March 2012

Looking at the world

Once more I failed to write a proper reflection this weekend. We had a 'Dominican Open Day' here in the priory on Saturday in which a group of people came in to learn about the various branches of Dominican life; the lay Dominicans, the nuns, the apostolic sisters and us the friars. There was also a Youth 2000 retreat on with well over a 100 young people attending, and I spend pretty much the rest of the weekend there.

In the Gospel we heard the Greeks coming to the apostles saying 'can we see Jesus'. This is a fundamental question, a question in everybody's heart. I think it is very clear when at a retreat as I was yesterday and today.

As Philip and Andrew, we need to be available to guide people to Jesus, to show them the way. It struck me that sometimes the teaching of the Church might seem start initially, but the teaching are the teachings of Jesus who is inviting us into communion. It is therefore import that in bringing people to Jesus we also explain the 'why' as it does make sense! Fr. John reminded us that we should look at theology as St. Thomas did, and start with God, not with ourselves. If we start with God everything becomes clear as everything flows from the love of God. But if we start with ourselves and try to make sense out of the world by making it, and God, conform to us then it will be an impossible task to make any sense out of it!

In the church all status are covered now, a sure sign lent is coming to an end and Holy week approaching with the light of Easter at the horizon!

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