Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Dominican App!

As hinted at a few times, we have been working very hard behind the scenes in creating a new App. The new App is called iDoms Portal and is now available in the App Store. While the iDoms Reader will continue to operate as normal for some time, support for small things like notifications of new items (the unread counter) will stop at the end of February.

We have started from scratch with the new App, building it from the ground up. A lot of time has gone in creating a whole new system which has the capability to be very easily extended. One of the great advantages is that it also allows other organizations to use it to create and maintain their own App in a relatively easy way (please contact us at if you are interested in discussing the possibilities).

In the last year we have created the iDoms Reader and established that there is indeed an interest in iPhone/iPad Apps which provide good quality Catholic content. While we haven't made the progress we intended due to the lack of resources, this new release is a huge step forward, and within a week or two an update will be issued with a great new iPad interface which didn't make it into the first release.
We hope you enjoy this update, and please don't forget to go to the App Store now and dowload the iDoms Portal!

(We have also created an App which can be used as a Vocabulary/Flashcard training tool for Greek, Latin and Hebrew, the iDoms Vocab. You can read more about it here: the iTunes store. )

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