Thursday, 5 April 2012

Holy Thursday

We are about to 'participate' in the most important journey that ever happened.

Tonight we celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper in which Jesus instituted the priesthood and gave the Sacrament in which he gives himself to us. God came down from Heaven to take not only upon himself the sins we have committed, making our redemption possible, but also gave himself fully and truly to us allowing us even here on earth to become one with him through the gift of his body and blood!

The reality of this is mind bowing, and deserves some reflection.
Not only now off-course, but the ceremonies of the Triduum and the subsequent celebration of Easter are off course a special grace filled time to reflect on what God has done for us.

I would invite anybody therefore to really try and make some time for reflection in the next three days. To 'suspend' some activity which does not really need to be done now and can wait till next week. Maybe it is possible to try and spend some time with God, in the silentness of prayer or with the scriptures we hear these days.

Maybe it would be possible to visit to a church during these days and spend a small amount of time there, even a few minutes. Or to stay a little longer praying with our Lord at the altar of repose tonight. To quietly do the stations of the Cross after the celebration of the Passion at 3 o'clock tomorrow when everything has quite down a bit or to stop by on Saturday morning when all is quite and the church is empty, even the tabernacle.

While there is a lot of material for theological reflection these days, this time of year always strikes me as a time which I predominantly experience in some extraordinary deep way. It always makes such a deep impression, and even now the anticipation is already tangible. We can try and understand all the things that happened almost two thousand years ago, but this seems for me personally more a time to sense it then to make sense of it.

God went through the Passion because he loved us. He calls us and invites us into communion with him. The best way to deepen that communion is to spend some time pondering the love which made possible the sacrifice God has made for you...

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