Monday, 2 April 2012

Holy Week

During this week we follow Jesus towards the Triumph of the Cross. It is a journey, a difficult journey, but it is a journey worth making. Our Prior yesterday said in his homily during the Mass of Palm Sunday that some people said that Lent went so quick this year. The two reasons he gave was that some are so engaged with Lent that it's goes quick, the other that when failing to engage at all.

It is very easy to not engage with the season, and it would hardly be worth making a specific effort now with Lent ending on Wednesday. But it is maybe worth standing still by the fact that we did or didn't engage. What was the reason? Maybe we didn't really make any resolutions for Lent, or we failed to keep them, but at the end of the day, those are not the important things. While there is a place for penance and abstinence, we are meant to do it to get closer to God. Through simplicity of life we can subsequent better appreciate life and the gifts God has given us. But it is God who is supposed to the centre, not our external actions. Lent is not about giving up external things, but about an internal conversion of heart.

A remarkable thing in today's Gospel that stuck me is that it said that the religious leaders wanted to silence Lazarus as well, because people came to belief in Jesus through the miracle of his resurrection. It shows how they were engrossed in their daily lives of protecting existing structures, prepared to kill for their preservation. Maybe we can recognise for ourselves that we are engrossed in the business of our lives without wanting God really to be a part of it. A bit like Pilate on Good Friday who is not interested in the objective Truth, but can only see his own subjective truth. God is calling us at all times, calling us to let us be surprised by Him, but we need to allow Him to enter in, and this week might be a good week to make some time and open ourselves up!

So now, still at the beginning of Holy Week I would invite any reader to try and make the journey this week with Jesus. To be with him in Bethany as we read today, to walk with him around Jerusalem and finally climb Golgotha with His cross on His back. Even if we are busy with college or with work, maybe we can make a few minutes available to be silent, to read the Gospel passage of the day, or to visit a church on our way home to let the silence settle, uniting us with God in this grace filled season. It is not always easy, but it will open our hearts more to the reality of what Jesus did for us, how He went through it out of love...

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