Saturday, 7 July 2012

Spending some time in prayer

It is now already two days ago, but Thursday I went to the are of the city where the Monstray of the Flagellation is and the Sister of Sion. It was very quite, and I enjoyed spending a few hours in the various churches.

Church of the Flagellation
Chapel of the Condemnation

It is nice to be able to spend some time in these places, places whereabout Jesus spend his final hours before his full giving sacrifice on the cross. While the past months have been busy, it is only when you have time to take a step back how much I realize I have missed some more quality time in prayer. It is great that when not being busy in the École Biblique it is possible just to walk into the Old City, and find the Sepulcher there within a 10 minute walk!

Stones which were part of the plaza where Jesus was presented to the crowd
Church of the Sister of Sion, with part of the 'Ecce Homo Arch'
Friday I participated in the way of the Cross, from near the Monastery of the Flagellation to the Holy Sepulcher. This morning I climbed the Mount of Olives before sunrise, but that can be for another day!

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