Sunday, 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. It is a real marker at the beginning of our journey through Holy Week.

It is striking how the disciples coming with Jesus are shouting for joy "Hosanna in the highest" today while in a few days they will shout "Crucify Him", a contrast we encounter too in the reading today during Mass today.

Of all weeks in the year, this is a week to try and make some time for reflection. To make our own what happened nearly two thousand years ago, but also what happens now in our lives.

Our faith is not a distant event barely touching our daily lives, it is supposed to be an integral part of it. If it is not, we can be like the people who shout one moment "Hosanna" and the next "Crucify", swaying like barley in the wind. Not merely in our opinion or expression, but also in how we are, how we feel, or what our disposition is.

Instead, if we engage with Jesus, walking with Him especially during this week, we will be surprised what depth we can find in knowing Him. It strikes me a bit like Veronica as portrayed in the film the Passion. She is standing there contemplating the events unfolding, and without as yet having seen it, she senses what is happening. A deep connection with Jesus, and a deep understanding who Jesus really is is at the core. The fire of a longing of which He is the source and only fulfilment burs within her.

And so also with us, there is the flame which can be fuelled to become a burning furnace! This week is a week especially to engage with Jesus. To make the connection between joy and sorrow in a new reality that opens up for us providing the answer and fulfilment of the desires deep in our heart!

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